Ultraviolet Rays Protection Policy & Procedure

Developed by BC Cancer, this policy template provides childcare centres and recreation facilities an example of a sun safety policy they can implement at their centre.

Outdoor Shade Audit Tool Activity

BC Cancer, in partnership with the City of Vancouver, developed this outdoor shade audit tool that measures and assesses shade at an outdoor site. The goal of this tool is to identify sources of shade, and where and when shade is available.

Live 5-2-1-0 Resource Hub

Live 5-2-1-0's very own resource hub features games that promote physical literacy and healthy eating, training courses for teachers and activity facilitators, as well as tutorial videos. 

A Blueprint for Building Quality Participation in Sport for Children, Youth, and Adults with a Disability

The Blueprint for Building Quality Participation in Sport for Children, Youth, and Adults with a Disability introduces key concepts that underpin quality participation, and provides tools for building quality participation sport programs. 

This resource is provided by the Canadian Disability Participation Project.

Project Love Run

Project Love Run is a safe space for womxn to meet others, get their bodies moving, and discover the joy of running. Physical activity leaders can help people join one of the running groups or start their own chapter to help expand the network of safe and inclusive spaces for BIPOC womxn.

Become Accessible

Developed by the Rick Hansen Foundation, this resource is a program that aims to improve built environments in Canada, which means re-assessing and re-evaluating if the spaces we’ve built for work, play and learning are accessible to people of diverse bodies, ages, and abilities.

Translations of Physical Literacy Resources

Active for Life helps Canadians raise active kids who love to move. At Activeforlife.com, parents, educators, and coaches will find fun activities, inspiring articles, and free resources to get kids active, healthy, and happy.

This resource offers physical literacy materials in several languages including French, Punjabi, Tagalog, and more.

Inclusive Physical Literacy

Sport for Life Society and Physical Literacy for Life collaborated on this resource, which offers program coordinators, sport leaders and educators a guide on how to create universally accessible programs so that people with diverse abilities can develop their physical literacy and keep th

Inclusion Incorporated Diversity and Inclusion Training

INclusion INcorporated offers training and workshop sessions for companies, groups and organizations so they can effectively integrate inclusivity and accessibility into their work and their environment. Their sessions can be tailored to the kind of organization you work for.

The Greater Victoria Collaborative for Adapted Sport and Physical Activity

One Ability provides listings for adaptive and inclusive sports and physical activity programs in the Greater Victoria area. One Ability’s Training and Resources List also offers training programs aimed at leaders and care providers so they can provide inclusive services. The group also provides opportunities for program funding.

Social Connectedness

PlanH provides a guide to support local governments as they build healthy communities throughout the province. Social connectedness makes people feel included and like they belong, which in turn encourages them to keep participating in recreation, sports, as well as other community activities that make them active and healthy.

How can I create a more active community?

This resource from BC Healthy Communities shows how local governments and community leaders can help make active living accessible, equitable and achievable in their communities and neighbourhoods.

ConnecTogether Programming

ConnecTogether is an online learning platform featuring presentations from like-minded organizations, adaptive fitness, dance, yoga, music, gardening courses and more. We are here to help connect and encourage people living with physical disabilities.

The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Wheelchair-Accessible Home

A comprehensive guide on how to make inclusive designs and modifications at home for wheelchair users, seniors, and people living with disabilities. Includes ADA-compliance examples for each room, estimated home upgrade costs, and helpful links to find financial aid for disabled veterans and seniors.

Fraser Health Community Planning Tool

This document from Fraser Health offers a health equity lens for community organizations when planning their programs to ensure no one in the community is excluded in initiatives.


Sample Action Plan and Template

The Government of British Columbia offers various resources on how local municipalities can become age-friendly. The resources include a sample template and action plan that municipalities can use to make their cities more elderly friendly, including planning walking routes for seniors in wintertime, sidewalk repairs, and others.

Inclusive Playgrounds Resource

The Canadian Disability Participation project developed this resource, which is intended for any group or individual concerned with inclusion and accessibility in playgrounds. The resource provides recommendations for those working to create play spaces for people of all ages and abilities.

The Language of Disability

Language and the words we use change our perceptions and how we interact with each other. While many of us are familiar with the Golden Rule, that encourages treating someone the way you wish to be treated, perhaps we should, instead, consider treating people as THEY wish to be treated.

FitNation Home Workout Series

The I·SPARC FitNation Home Workout Series consists of 8 home workouts designed for Indigenous participants of all ages and abilities. Throw on your workout gear, grab a water bottle, find a safe, open space, and follow along to our YouTube videos!

Disability Tip Sheet – Stroke

The Active Living Alliance for Canadians with a Disability created a series of Tip Sheets to provide information about disabilities and conditions to help leaders in the physical activity, recreation and sport sectors be inclusive.

A Collective Impact Approach to Opportunities for People with Disabilities

OneAbility is truly a collaborative, innovative hub. In this webinar, they explain their structure, partnerships, governance and how they enhance the adapted sport and physical activity environment.



Facility Accessibility Design Standards

The City of Mississauga created this document which outlines building standards for a universally-designed and accessible community for all.



Accessible Events and Checklist and Resources

The City of Vancouver created an accessible events checklist and resource webpage full of examples, templates, topics, and ways to plan to ensure your facilities, events, and programming are inclusive for all.


Shared Use Agreements Guide

BC Recreation and Parks Association (BCRPA) offers this free course to staff, leaders, facility operations on the differences between a user agreement, license agreement and shared use agreement and how to create an agreement for your organization or facility.

Autism Awareness for Recreation Leaders

BC Recreation and Parks Association (BCRPA) offers this free course introducing staff, leaders, programmers to strategies for supporting individuals with autism in recreation settings. In order to take this course, sign up for a free account with BCRPA here.



Access for All

This checklist and guide created by DASH BC includes strategies, tips, and programming examples to make physical activity inclusive for all.



Addressing Personal Vulnerability Through Planning

This guide created by Community Living British Columbia provides examples and step-by-step actions that can be taken to create a person-centred plan so that adults with developmental disabilities, their families, care providers and community can provide a safe, respectful experience and environment.



Jooay App

Jooay is a free app that helps children with disabilities and their families locate leisure opportunities that are close to where they are, accessible, suit their needs and abilities, match their preferences and can help them develop and participate in society.

Toolkit for Developing and Influencing Physical Activity Policy

The Physical Activity Resource Centre (PARC) created a toolkit for developing and influencing physical activity policy. After 15 years of supporting physical activity promoters across Ontario, PARC has ceased its service on March 31, 2018. PARC, The Centre of Excellence for Physical Activity Promotion was managed by OPHEA.

Be Inspired – Canadians with Disabilities Tell Their Stories of Physical Activity, Sport and Recreation

The vision of The Active Living Alliance for Canadians with a Disability is a society where every person in Canada, regardless of background or ability, has the opportunity to be active and healthy across their lifespan. These collected stories exemplify 5 key principles: Quality of Life, Empowerment, Community, Equal Access, Respect and Dignity.