A Blueprint for Building Quality Participation in Sport for Children, Youth, and Adults with a Disability

The Blueprint for Building Quality Participation in Sport for Children, Youth, and Adults with a Disability introduces key concepts that underpin quality participation, and provides tools for building quality participation sport programs. 

This resource is provided by the Canadian Disability Participation Project.

Become Accessible

Developed by the Rick Hansen Foundation, this resource is a program that aims to improve built environments in Canada, which means re-assessing and re-evaluating if the spaces we’ve built for work, play and learning are accessible to people of diverse bodies, ages, and abilities.

The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Wheelchair-Accessible Home

A comprehensive guide on how to make inclusive designs and modifications at home for wheelchair users, seniors, and people living with disabilities. Includes ADA-compliance examples for each room, estimated home upgrade costs, and helpful links to find financial aid for disabled veterans and seniors.

Facility Accessibility Design Standards

The City of Mississauga created this document which outlines building standards for a universally-designed and accessible community for all.



Inclusive Fitness Webinar

OneAbility's webinar on creating an inclusive fitness environment, including space/equipment considerations, client approach, staff culture, language usage, training methods to increase both client and instructor comfort and more.



Inclusive Physical Literacy Webinar

This webinar delivered by Andrea Carey of OneAbility introduced the concept of inclusive Physical Literacy, including how to offer inclusive programming and how to plan intentionally for inclusive programming and how to provide a supportive and welcoming environment for a person with a disability.

Road Map to Inclusion

This infographic is part of a series of posters that create inclusion, raise awareness, promote and educate the public on active living and disabilities. OneAbility and Recreation Integration Victoria have created the 'Disability & Diversity: Education to Promote Active Living' project infographics.  These po

RDN Northern Recreation Services - Communities Facilities and Program Accessibility and Inclusion

Although this entire document from the Regional District of Nanaimo is a useful guide, full of specific examples to get us thinking about spaces as places, start on Page Six with a comprehensive set of questions to assess how inclusive and welcoming your spa

Accessibility Audit Tool

This easy-to-follow checklist from viaSport will help an organization determine their level(s) of accessibility. It also provides concrete examples of how to make all aspects of programming and facilities more inclusive and accessible for everyone. It is organized around six pillars of accessibility.