Environmental Scan Checklist

A PDF or online assessment tool developed by The Alberta Urban Municipalities Association to measure the extent to which a municipality or organization o

Social Connectedness

PlanH provides a guide to support local governments as they build healthy communities throughout the province. Social connectedness makes people feel included and like they belong, which in turn encourages them to keep participating in recreation, sports, as well as other community activities that make them active and healthy.

Seniors' Community Parks

The Province of British Columbia has compiled a list of community parks that accommodate older adults and which offer facilities and programs with free outdoor equipment to encourage seniors to keep physically active and stay mobile within their communities.

Sample Action Plan and Template

The Government of British Columbia offers various resources on how local municipalities can become age-friendly. The resources include a sample template and action plan that municipalities can use to make their cities more elderly friendly, including planning walking routes for seniors in wintertime, sidewalk repairs, and others.

Active Aging Society website

The Active Aging Society is a community-based research and evaluation team that seeks to address the needs, issues and opportunities of an aging society. Their focus is to make a positive impact in the health of older adults.

Choose to Move: Get Active

Choose to Move has links that lead to specific concerns an individual may have. There are sections for focusing on strength, balance, flexibility, as well as taking care of bone and joint health, among others. The activities are easy to follow and encourage at-home movement anytime and from anywhere in the province.

FitNation Home Workout Series

The I·SPARC FitNation Home Workout Series consists of 8 home workouts designed for Indigenous participants of all ages and abilities. Throw on your workout gear, grab a water bottle, find a safe, open space, and follow along to our YouTube videos!

Osteofit Program Information

A safe exercise and education program created by BC Women’s Hospital + Health Centre for older adults who may be experiencing osteoporosis and osteopenia and/or for older adults interested in a fall prevention program, fitness and healthy bones.



Equity & Inclusion Lens Snapshot – Older Adults

This Snapshot created by the City for All Women Initiative was used to inform the work developed and implemented in their Equity and Inclusion Lens Handbook. It is one of 11 Diversity Snapshots.



Advancing Equity & Inclusion - A Guide for Municipalities

This guide created by City for All Women Initiative and Partners, addresses inequities in resources, access and power which cost our communities and organizations socially and financially.

Equity & Inclusion Lens Handbook

This interactive tool created by the City for All Women Initiative and City of Ottawa, is to help users address systemic barriers and inequities people face and create a positive, respectful services representative of the community. This handbook is for everyone.



Accessibility Audit Tool

This easy-to-follow checklist from viaSport will help an organization determine their level(s) of accessibility. It also provides concrete examples of how to make all aspects of programming and facilities more inclusive and accessible for everyone. It is organized around six pillars of accessibility.