Is your physical & health education class inclusive and supportive for transgender, non-binary & Two-Spirit students?

PHE Canada developed this short evaluation checklist for organizations, classrooms, and physical education classes to help activity leaders and educators develop strategies to create more inclusive and supportive spaces for gender-diverse students and athletes.

Become Accessible

Developed by the Rick Hansen Foundation, this resource is a program that aims to improve built environments in Canada, which means re-assessing and re-evaluating if the spaces we’ve built for work, play and learning are accessible to people of diverse bodies, ages, and abilities.

Healthy Community Engagement

PlanH’s Healthy Community Engagement resource offers local governments (rural, urban, and even international) a tool to engage their residents in a way that ensures everyone is included so that policies are applied with an equity lens and can contribute to healthy living for community members.

How can I create a more active community?

This resource from BC Healthy Communities shows how local governments and community leaders can help make active living accessible, equitable and achievable in their communities and neighbourhoods.

Accessibility Audit Tool

This easy-to-follow checklist from viaSport will help an organization determine their level(s) of accessibility. It also provides concrete examples of how to make all aspects of programming and facilities more inclusive and accessible for everyone. It is organized around six pillars of accessibility.