2SLGBTQ+ Inclusion in School-Based Physical Activity Programs

This guidebook was a project of PHE Canada's SPIRIT, a youth-led pilot project with the goal of identifying and addressing barriers to physical activity participation for 2SLGBTQ+ students. In this guidebook, teachers, activity leaders and coaches will learn strategies on how to embed inclusion into physical activity and sport programming in schools and recreation centres. 

Helping women and girls to get active: A practical guide

Building on Sport England’s report “Go Where Women Are”, this infographic guide has advice, tips and recommendations on how to make sport and physical activity much more accessible for women and girls, encouraging participation and retention.

Same Game

Canadian Women & Sport/Femme et Sport au Canada developed the Same Game toolkit, which provides sports organizations and leaders a step-by-step guide on enacting gender equity in their activities, organizations, and leadership.

Gender Equity Temperature Check

This assessment tool from Canadian Women & Sport is designed to help organizations and groups perform a quick internal review of their gender equity practices. Achieving gender equity is a journey, and assessing practices at your organization is the first step to making sport and physical activity better for everyone.

Physical Literacy and all Abilities Enhanced Online Course

Developed by PHE Canada, this resource provides theory and practice for physical activity leaders to promote fundamental movement skills in an effective and interactive manner for people of all abilities.

Fundamental Movement Skills: Active Start and FUNdamentals – For Children with Physical Disabilities

Developed by PHE Canada, this book provides theory and practice for physical activity leaders to promote fundamental movement skills in an effective and interactive manner for children with physical disabilities. The resource offers best practices for inclusion and adaptations.

Fundamental Movement Skills: Active Start and FUNdamentals Stages – For Children with Developmental and/or Behavioural Disabilities

Developed by PHE Canada, this book provides theory and practice for physical activity leaders to promote fundamental movement skills in an effective and interactive manner for children with developmental and/or behavioural differences. The resource offers best practices for inclusion and adaptations.

Fundamental Movement Skills: Active Start and FUNdamental Stages Featuring Indigenous Peoples Games – 2nd Edition

PHE Canada’s book on fundamental movement skills features descriptions and photographs of fundamental movement skills, practical and specific teaching tips to help physical activity leaders and educators in developing fundamental movement skills and physical literacy in children.

2SLGBTQ+ Inclusion in school-based physical activity programs

Developed by PHE Canada, this guidebook is designed to help educators and youth activity leaders support 2SLGBTQ+ students and create welcoming spaces for them in sport and physical activity spaces.

Become Accessible

Developed by the Rick Hansen Foundation, this resource is a program that aims to improve built environments in Canada, which means re-assessing and re-evaluating if the spaces we’ve built for work, play and learning are accessible to people of diverse bodies, ages, and abilities.

Celebrating Muslim Women in Sport

Hijabi Ballers was developed to help coaches, recreation and sport leaders make physical activity spaces and activities inclusive of Muslim female athletes.

Inclusive Physical Literacy

Sport for Life Society and Physical Literacy for Life collaborated on this resource, which offers program coordinators, sport leaders and educators a guide on how to create universally accessible programs so that people with diverse abilities can develop their physical literacy and keep th

We Belong: A How-To Guide

We Belong: A How-To Guide aims to provide recreational leaders, coaches, educators and facilitators practical tools to help newcomer youth feel welcomed and included in physical activity settings. 

This resource is provided by Physical and Health Education (PHE) Canada

Healthy Community Engagement

PlanH’s Healthy Community Engagement resource offers local governments (rural, urban, and even international) a tool to engage their residents in a way that ensures everyone is included so that policies are applied with an equity lens and can contribute to healthy living for community members.

She Plays infographic

viaSport's She Plays infographic provides leaders and groups a guide on how to create sport and physical activity experiences that take into consideration girls’ backgrounds, knowledge, and the barriers they may face when it comes to sport participation.

Social Connectedness

PlanH provides a guide to support local governments as they build healthy communities throughout the province. Social connectedness makes people feel included and like they belong, which in turn encourages them to keep participating in recreation, sports, as well as other community activities that make them active and healthy.

How can I create a more active community?

This resource from BC Healthy Communities shows how local governments and community leaders can help make active living accessible, equitable and achievable in their communities and neighbourhoods.

The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Wheelchair-Accessible Home

A comprehensive guide on how to make inclusive designs and modifications at home for wheelchair users, seniors, and people living with disabilities. Includes ADA-compliance examples for each room, estimated home upgrade costs, and helpful links to find financial aid for disabled veterans and seniors.

Health and Wellness Planning: A Toolkit for BC First Nations

This resource offers steps and actions for First Nations organizations or communities as they focus on delivering culturally appropriate health and wellness services.

This resource is provided by the First Nations Health Authority.

She Plays Project: Participant-centred design at work

The project used participant-centred design, a strategy that puts athletes’ experiences and needs at the forefront to empower and encourage them to participate in sport. This project focused on girls’ participation aged 11 to 14. This resource highlights the impact of this approach and shows key strategies that sport groups can use to create change.

Sample Action Plan and Template

The Government of British Columbia offers various resources on how local municipalities can become age-friendly. The resources include a sample template and action plan that municipalities can use to make their cities more elderly friendly, including planning walking routes for seniors in wintertime, sidewalk repairs, and others.

Inclusive Playgrounds Resource

The Canadian Disability Participation project developed this resource, which is intended for any group or individual concerned with inclusion and accessibility in playgrounds. The resource provides recommendations for those working to create play spaces for people of all ages and abilities.

The Language of Disability

Language and the words we use change our perceptions and how we interact with each other. While many of us are familiar with the Golden Rule, that encourages treating someone the way you wish to be treated, perhaps we should, instead, consider treating people as THEY wish to be treated.

PlanH Active Communities Tool

This tool is a conversation starter for local government staff looking for efficient and clear processes to successfully implement healthy community policies. Use it to help guide decision-making as you work towards a healthier community for all.

Active Communities Action Guide

The Active Communities Action Guide offers ideas and resources for local governments to develop more opportunities for their communities to be active in their daily lives.

Sport for Life for All Newcomers to Canada

Sport for Life for All Newcomers to Canada provides examples of how recreation leaders, organizations and educators can welcome new Canadians of all ages into their physical activity spaces. It provides examples of barriers for newcomers, how to address those barriers, as well as an action plan for inclusion. 

Actively Engaging Women and Girls

This resource addresses the experiences of women and girls, the barriers they face in sport and physical activity participation, and how sport leaders and educators can take down those barriers and engage with them effectively.

This resource is provided by Sport for Life

Disability Tip Sheet – Stroke

The Active Living Alliance for Canadians with a Disability created a series of Tip Sheets to provide information about disabilities and conditions to help leaders in the physical activity, recreation and sport sectors be inclusive.

Facility Accessibility Design Standards

The City of Mississauga created this document which outlines building standards for a universally-designed and accessible community for all.



Accessible Events and Checklist and Resources

The City of Vancouver created an accessible events checklist and resource webpage full of examples, templates, topics, and ways to plan to ensure your facilities, events, and programming are inclusive for all.