Live 5-2-1-0 Resource Hub

Live 5-2-1-0's very own resource hub features games that promote physical literacy and healthy eating, training courses for teachers and activity facilitators, as well as tutorial videos. 

Olympic Rock, Paper, Scissors

Live 5-2-1-0, together with ViaSport and Healthy Abbotsford developed this series of games that demonstrate how teachers, coaches, and activity facilitat

Accessible Events and Checklist and Resources

The City of Vancouver created an accessible events checklist and resource webpage full of examples, templates, topics, and ways to plan to ensure your facilities, events, and programming are inclusive for all.


Healthy Choices

BC Recreation and Parks Association (BCRPA) offers this free course to facility operators and leadership level staff on how to transform facilities into a healthier place after a workout. In order to take this course, sign up for a free account with BCRPA here.



Jooay App

Jooay is a free app that helps children with disabilities and their families locate leisure opportunities that are close to where they are, accessible, suit their needs and abilities, match their preferences and can help them develop and participate in society.

Equity & Inclusion Lens Handbook

This interactive tool created by the City for All Women Initiative and City of Ottawa, is to help users address systemic barriers and inequities people face and create a positive, respectful services representative of the community. This handbook is for everyone.



All Youth Matter: Inclusion Training

viaSport's All Youth Matter: Inclusion Training is a four-hour workshop where participants are provided with tools, techniques and best practices to create inclusive sport, recreation and physical activity experiences for youth from underserved populations.

About Disabilities

Not all disabilities are alike. The best way to learn about a disability is to learn about the child first. This information provides a facilitator with basic information about disabilities with strategies to consider when developing customized programming from Let's Play. 



Gender Equity Self-Assessment Tool

This self–assessment tool is designed for use by community sport and physical activity providers (municipal recreation departments, boys and girls clubs, Ys, etc.) to assess whether their programs, services and facilities meet an acceptable standard of gender equity. Results will help organizations actively engage women and girls as participants and leaders.