Live 5-2-1-0 Resource Hub

Live 5-2-1-0's very own resource hub features games that promote physical literacy and healthy eating, training courses for teachers and activity facilitators, as well as tutorial videos. 

Engaging Girls and Young Women

Sport participation rates for female students decline as they get older, starting as early as grade 4, which is why PHE Canada developed this resource to help educators, and recreation and activity leaders identify best practices when it comes to engaging girls and young women in sport.

Supporting Gender and Sexually Diverse Students

PHE Canada worked with professors, researchers and youth allies to develop and recommend strategies that will help educators and leaders to embed inclusive programming practices to support gender and sexually diverse learners.

Translations of Physical Literacy Resources

Active for Life helps Canadians raise active kids who love to move. At, parents, educators, and coaches will find fun activities, inspiring articles, and free resources to get kids active, healthy, and happy.

This resource offers physical literacy materials in several languages including French, Punjabi, Tagalog, and more.

INclusion INcorporated definition of terms

INclusion Incorporated’s list of definition of shared terms explains in plain language some of the terms that are now widely used. They also offer a Discussion Guide so groups and organizations can have some help in navigating these complex issues and terms in depth.

The Greater Victoria Collaborative for Adapted Sport and Physical Activity

One Ability provides listings for adaptive and inclusive sports and physical activity programs in the Greater Victoria area. One Ability’s Training and Resources List also offers training programs aimed at leaders and care providers so they can provide inclusive services. The group also provides opportunities for program funding.

Seniors' Community Parks

The Province of British Columbia has compiled a list of community parks that accommodate older adults and which offer facilities and programs with free outdoor equipment to encourage seniors to keep physically active and stay mobile within their communities.

Active Aging Society website

The Active Aging Society is a community-based research and evaluation team that seeks to address the needs, issues and opportunities of an aging society. Their focus is to make a positive impact in the health of older adults.

Choose to Move: Get Active

Choose to Move has links that lead to specific concerns an individual may have. There are sections for focusing on strength, balance, flexibility, as well as taking care of bone and joint health, among others. The activities are easy to follow and encourage at-home movement anytime and from anywhere in the province.

FitNation Home Workout Series

The I·SPARC FitNation Home Workout Series consists of 8 home workouts designed for Indigenous participants of all ages and abilities. Throw on your workout gear, grab a water bottle, find a safe, open space, and follow along to our YouTube videos!

OneAbility List of Inclusive Resources

 A list of resources and links to adaptive programs and facilities in the Greater Victoria area in British Columbia, Canada. Most of the links contain instructional videos demonstrating how an activity can be adapted from OneAbility. 



Resources for Beginning Wheelchair Tennis Coaches and Program Coordinators

A step-by-step video resource for beginning wheelchair tennis coaches and program coordinators, created by the BC Wheelchair Sports Association with Bridging the Gap program and Tennis Canada.



Inclusive Marketing and Communications

This weblink from the Activity Alliance provides 10 Factsheets on how to create more inclusive marketing and communication materials covering social media, events, digital communications, language, accessible budget, campaigns, design, photography, news and a checklist to refer to