Ultraviolet Rays Protection Policy & Procedure

Developed by BC Cancer, this policy template provides childcare centres and recreation facilities an example of a sun safety policy they can implement at their centre.

Outdoor Shade Audit Tool Activity

BC Cancer, in partnership with the City of Vancouver, developed this outdoor shade audit tool that measures and assesses shade at an outdoor site. The goal of this tool is to identify sources of shade, and where and when shade is available.

Accessible Events and Checklist and Resources

The City of Vancouver created an accessible events checklist and resource webpage full of examples, templates, topics, and ways to plan to ensure your facilities, events, and programming are inclusive for all.


Shared Use Agreements Guide

BC Recreation and Parks Association (BCRPA) offers this free course to staff, leaders, facility operations on the differences between a user agreement, license agreement and shared use agreement and how to create an agreement for your organization or facility.

Access for All

This checklist and guide created by DASH BC includes strategies, tips, and programming examples to make physical activity inclusive for all.



Inclusive Fitness Webinar

OneAbility's webinar on creating an inclusive fitness environment, including space/equipment considerations, client approach, staff culture, language usage, training methods to increase both client and instructor comfort and more.



Inclusive Physical Literacy Webinar

This webinar delivered by Andrea Carey of OneAbility introduced the concept of inclusive Physical Literacy, including how to offer inclusive programming and how to plan intentionally for inclusive programming and how to provide a supportive and welcoming environment for a person with a disability.

Some Ideas On How To Adapt Activities

This infographic is part of a series of posters that create inclusion, raise awareness, promote and educate the public on active living and disabilities.

RDN Northern Recreation Services - Communities Facilities and Program Accessibility and Inclusion

Although this entire document from the Regional District of Nanaimo is a useful guide, full of specific examples to get us thinking about spaces as places, start on Page Six with a comprehensive set of questions to assess how inclusive and welcoming your spa

Accessibility Audit Tool

This easy-to-follow checklist from viaSport will help an organization determine their level(s) of accessibility. It also provides concrete examples of how to make all aspects of programming and facilities more inclusive and accessible for everyone. It is organized around six pillars of accessibility.


Video Library - Wheeling Physical Literacy

Let's Play has a collection of 36 short videos demonstrating different physical literacy and other skills for wheelchair users. 



Wheelchair Safety

This resource includes four questions to always consider while planning for the inclusion of a child with a physical disability ensuring their physical, psychological and social safety from Let's Play. 



Modifications and Adaptations

Let's Play offers these easy adaptations (for equipment, skills, rules and facilities) to common games and activities familiar to children. You will see how quickly activities you currently use can be made inclusive for everyone.