Live 5-2-1-0 Resource Hub

Live 5-2-1-0's very own resource hub features games that promote physical literacy and healthy eating, training courses for teachers and activity facilitators, as well as tutorial videos. 

Guide to Ride

PHE Canada developed a resource that can help teachers and other physical activity educators teach children in grades 4, 5 and 6 to promote safe cycling. Each grade contains 10 lesson plans and is aimed at creating an appreciation and understanding of the benefits of cycling. 


Inclusion Incorporated Diversity and Inclusion Training

INclusion INcorporated offers training and workshop sessions for companies, groups and organizations so they can effectively integrate inclusivity and accessibility into their work and their environment. Their sessions can be tailored to the kind of organization you work for.

The Greater Victoria Collaborative for Adapted Sport and Physical Activity

One Ability provides listings for adaptive and inclusive sports and physical activity programs in the Greater Victoria area. One Ability’s Training and Resources List also offers training programs aimed at leaders and care providers so they can provide inclusive services. The group also provides opportunities for program funding.

ConnecTogether Programming

ConnecTogether is an online learning platform featuring presentations from like-minded organizations, adaptive fitness, dance, yoga, music, gardening courses and more. We are here to help connect and encourage people living with physical disabilities.

The Language of Disability

Language and the words we use change our perceptions and how we interact with each other. While many of us are familiar with the Golden Rule, that encourages treating someone the way you wish to be treated, perhaps we should, instead, consider treating people as THEY wish to be treated.

High Five

High Five is a training program for organizations with the goal of creating inclusive and positive spaces for children. Participating organizations and leaders learn how to create welcoming recreation experiences for children ages 4 to 12 and ensure that they thrive in physical activity spaces.

Coaching Certification & Leadership Training

This training program is centred on Indigenous experiences and how coaches, sport, recreation and club leaders, and educators can incorporate traditional history, culture and teachings into sport and how this can create more inclusive physical activity spaces for Indigenous participants.

A Collective Impact Approach to Opportunities for People with Disabilities

OneAbility is truly a collaborative, innovative hub. In this webinar, they explain their structure, partnerships, governance and how they enhance the adapted sport and physical activity environment.



Why Use Appropriate Pronouns for Transgender People

The City of Vancouver created an introductory video on why using appropriate pronouns for transgender people is integral to creating an inclusive and safe environment for all.



Aboriginal Cultural Relations Module

BC Recreation and Parks Association (BCRPA) offers this free course to recreation leaders on how to incorporate awareness and cultural respect into their programming to ensure indigenous people experience a sport and recreation environment that is inclusive and safe.

Vulnerable Populations

BC Recreation and Parks Association (BCRPA) offers this free course introducing staff, leaders, programmers on how to create and deliver recreation programs to all children, especially from vulnerable populations and how best to address the larger issues.

Autism Awareness for Recreation Leaders

BC Recreation and Parks Association (BCRPA) offers this free course introducing staff, leaders, programmers to strategies for supporting individuals with autism in recreation settings. In order to take this course, sign up for a free account with BCRPA here.



Equity & Inclusion Lens Handbook

This interactive tool created by the City for All Women Initiative and City of Ottawa, is to help users address systemic barriers and inequities people face and create a positive, respectful services representative of the community. This handbook is for everyone.



Inclusive Fitness Webinar

OneAbility's webinar on creating an inclusive fitness environment, including space/equipment considerations, client approach, staff culture, language usage, training methods to increase both client and instructor comfort and more.



Inclusive Physical Literacy Webinar

This webinar delivered by Andrea Carey of OneAbility introduced the concept of inclusive Physical Literacy, including how to offer inclusive programming and how to plan intentionally for inclusive programming and how to provide a supportive and welcoming environment for a person with a disability.

All Youth Matter: Inclusion Training

viaSport's All Youth Matter: Inclusion Training is a four-hour workshop where participants are provided with tools, techniques and best practices to create inclusive sport, recreation and physical activity experiences for youth from underserved populations.

Video Library - Wheeling Physical Literacy

Let's Play has a collection of 36 short videos demonstrating different physical literacy and other skills for wheelchair users. 



Wheelchair Safety

This resource includes four questions to always consider while planning for the inclusion of a child with a physical disability ensuring their physical, psychological and social safety from Let's Play. 



Resources for Beginning Wheelchair Tennis Coaches and Program Coordinators

A step-by-step video resource for beginning wheelchair tennis coaches and program coordinators, created by the BC Wheelchair Sports Association with Bridging the Gap program and Tennis Canada.