Environmental Scan Checklist

A PDF or online assessment tool developed by The Alberta Urban Municipalities Association to measure the extent to which a municipality or organization o

Fundamental Movement Skills: Active Start and FUNdamental Stages Featuring Indigenous Peoples Games – 2nd Edition

PHE Canada’s book on fundamental movement skills features descriptions and photographs of fundamental movement skills, practical and specific teaching tips to help physical activity leaders and educators in developing fundamental movement skills and physical literacy in children.

INclusion INcorporated definition of terms

INclusion Incorporated’s list of definition of shared terms explains in plain language some of the terms that are now widely used. They also offer a Discussion Guide so groups and organizations can have some help in navigating these complex issues and terms in depth.

Health and Wellness Planning: A Toolkit for BC First Nations

This resource offers steps and actions for First Nations organizations or communities as they focus on delivering culturally appropriate health and wellness services.

This resource is provided by the First Nations Health Authority.

Coaching Certification & Leadership Training

This training program is centred on Indigenous experiences and how coaches, sport, recreation and club leaders, and educators can incorporate traditional history, culture and teachings into sport and how this can create more inclusive physical activity spaces for Indigenous participants.


Aim2Be is a fun, free healthy living app for Canadian families that works for those who actively use it. One small step at a time, families work together to level up to a healthier and happier life. There’s an app for parents and an app for kids 10+ years.

FitNation Home Workout Series

The I·SPARC FitNation Home Workout Series consists of 8 home workouts designed for Indigenous participants of all ages and abilities. Throw on your workout gear, grab a water bottle, find a safe, open space, and follow along to our YouTube videos!

Aboriginal Cultural Relations Module

BC Recreation and Parks Association (BCRPA) offers this free course to recreation leaders on how to incorporate awareness and cultural respect into their programming to ensure indigenous people experience a sport and recreation environment that is inclusive and safe.

Equity & Inclusion Lens Snapshot – Racialized People

This Snapshot created by the City for All Women Initiative was used to inform the work developed and implemented in their Equity and Inclusion Lens Handbook. It is one of 11 Diversity Snapshots.



Equity & Inclusion Lens Diversity Snapshot- Aboriginal Peoples, First Nations, Inuit, Métis

This Snapshot created by the City for All Women Initiative was used to inform the work developed and implemented in their Equity and Inclusion Lens Handbook. It is one of 11 Diversity Snapshots.



Advancing Equity & Inclusion - A Guide for Municipalities

This guide created by City for All Women Initiative and Partners, addresses inequities in resources, access and power which cost our communities and organizations socially and financially.

Equity & Inclusion Lens Handbook

This interactive tool created by the City for All Women Initiative and City of Ottawa, is to help users address systemic barriers and inequities people face and create a positive, respectful services representative of the community. This handbook is for everyone.



Accessibility Audit Tool

This easy-to-follow checklist from viaSport will help an organization determine their level(s) of accessibility. It also provides concrete examples of how to make all aspects of programming and facilities more inclusive and accessible for everyone. It is organized around six pillars of accessibility.


Let's Talk: Racism and Health Equity

Racism is a root cause of health and social inequities experienced by Indigenous and Racialized People in Canada.  This resource by the National Collaborating Centre for Determinants of Health provides discussion questions for individual and organizational reflection and tips for anti-racist approaches and pra

Key Public Health Resources for Anti-Racism Action: A Curated List

Racism and racialization are important considerations in all public health work because of the documented impact each has on the health outcomes of First Nations and people of colour.  These examples, strategies, cases and tools from the National Collaborating Centre for Determinants