Physical activity is good for everybody.

However, the research on inactivity shows that there are groups that face visible and invisible barriers to regular activity. Nearly half of all adults with disabilities don’t get any aerobic physical activity and studies show that only 6% of girls between ages of 5-17 get enough daily physical activity to benefit their health. While 90% of older adults are sedentary for at least 8 hours a day and newcomers to Canada face multiple barriers to getting active.

There is more we can do to make people of all different abilities and backgrounds feel welcomed and included in physical activity programs and places.

EverybodyMoves Hub is a place for front-line staff, programmers, trainers, coaches and organizational leaders to find practical, useful resources and examples on how to make physical activity more inclusive for more of the community. From facilities to program design to signage, marketing and policy development, it is our goal that the EverybodyMoves Hub will have a resource that covers it.  

The EverybodyMoves Hub is a project of the Physical Activity for Health Collaborative. This Collaborative is comprised of leaders in physical activity from academia, sport, recreation and health, who are committed to increasing physical activity for all British Columbians.

Collaborative organizations endorse the site, but have not reviewed nor can endorse all individual resources. Please note that the resources on this site have been collected with all due care and have met inclusion criteria. 

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Why EverybodyMoves? Because physical activity is for everybody! Now let's GET MOVING!