Types of Resource

Inclusive Physical Literacy Webinar

This webinar delivered by Andrea Carey of OneAbility introduced the concept of inclusive Physical Literacy, including how to offer inclusive programming and how to plan intentionally for inclusive programming and how to provide a supportive and welcoming environment for a person with a disability.

Inclusive Fitness Webinar

OneAbility's webinar on creating an inclusive fitness environment, including space/equipment considerations, client approach, staff culture, language usage, training methods to increase both client and instructor comfort and more.



A Collective Impact Approach to Opportunities for People with Disabilities

OneAbility is truly a collaborative, innovative hub. In this webinar, they explain their structure, partnerships, governance and how they enhance the adapted sport and physical activity environment.



Healthy Together @ Home

Healthy Together @ Home is a fun, free, weekly program for parents and caregivers with toddlers and children. Each session includes a learning activity, cooking activity and physical activity that encourages and promotes living a healthy lifestyle & wellness.

About EverybodyMoves Hub

EverybodyMoves Hub is a database of resources to make physical activities and facilities more inclusive for those who face the greatest barriers to participation. Collaborative organizations endorse the site, but have not reviewed nor can endorse all individual resources. Please note that the resources on this site have been collected with all due care and have met inclusion criteria.